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Developing solutions for our customers they approach life cycle phases as follows:

  • Development tools selection – we select the development tools based on client needs and our capabilities. Our company can bind itself for transferring the rights to client to own and use source code, development tools and training client's users in case of company's termination. So client can continue to maintain our application itself or using third company. 
  • Prior development phase – our company make specific offer to develop and implement solution based on client's needs. Exact detailed description of solution, time schedule, human resources and price calculation are included in this offer. This phase is finished by accepting the offer and contract signing.

  • Development phase – starts with analysis, application design and development itself. In this phase we prefer step-by-step implementation approach because of solution correct functionality verification during deployment at high risk locations.

  • Post development phase – after successful solution implementation we offer to our clients uninterrupted maintenance immediately. Based on contract we provide remote support that helps us to avoid possible problems. In case of need our team provide service visits at client site. Simultaneously in case the service capacity was not used according to service contract, it can be used for additional solution development after mutual agreement.

    Short description of some solutions:

    Import Bridge project

    The aim was to create intelligent data bridge for importing data of policyholders from heterogeneous environment with incidence of repetitive errors in data consistency.

    The client application used information stored in the knowledge error database. Application updates this database on each import run. This application ensures the fulfillment of code lists with data from alien information system so that the repetitive errors in the structure and content of data about policyholders repair according to the saved knowledge rules.

    The architecture is based on the SQL server database and data integrity is maintained in addition to reference rules by the server business logic programmed using Transact SQL. Client applications have been programmed with. NET Framework technologies  in C # programming language.

    Global Extension project

    The project aims was to develop a comprehensive system to support the process of processing insurance claims. There has been developed structured multi-layer application that automates routine procedural processing of insurance claims.

    The client layer has implemented many interactive functions (screens, reports, computing functions) programmed as a Windows client application in C# programming language

    The server application logic ensures the integration of core data for policyholders and insurance claims stored in heterogeneous databases (Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server). It provides also on-line control of data integrity and two-way migration



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